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Active Server Staff

Active admins. Quick response on Support ticket and in-game help. Danish and English.

Server Uptime

Server Uptime 99.9%

Restart every night, at 5:30 am GMT+1

Server Speed

Private host. Denmark - 1 Gbit connection.

Server Security

Arkan (Anti-Cheat)

Server Armour (Anti-Cheat)

GroupLimiter (Max 5)

Discord Server log


Lot of expensive skins

Bypass Queue

QuickSort & BoxSorterLite

VIP Chat & Rank

Map Vote

Sign Artist

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Wipe Cycle

Biweekly Server

Biweekly Map and BP Wipe.

Every second Thursday at 20:00

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Community team

SunShine ツ

Owner | Phoenix Gaming 2x Biweekly


Admin | Phoenix Gaming 2x Biweekly